EASTER Blessings 2023

EASTER Blessings to you All

‘I am the Resurrection and the Life…says the Lord’ (John 11:25)


Dear SAC Volunteers and Parishioners

Thank you for taking part in our beautiful SAC EASTER celebrations.

Your attendance and contribution to any of the services is very much appreciated.

On behalf of Fr Darek SDS, Fr Marian SDS & the SAC Parish Pastoral Council, we wish you and your family peace, hope and joy this EASTER

An EASTER Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank You for Your great sacrifice on the Cross.

Make me worthy of Your great gift of Life.

Help me to follow You and to Love You unceasingly.

Help me to shine Your light more brightly.


To all parishioners travelling during this time we wish you a safe return home.

  • To all children, students, parents and school staff we wish you a joyful EASTER and a very happy holiday break.


Grant me O Lord a steady hand and a watchful eye.  That no one shall be hurt as I pass by.
You gave me life, I pray no act of mine may take away or mar that gift of Yours.
Shelter those, dear Lord, who keep me company, from the evils of fire and all calamities.
Teach me to use my car for others’ needs; nor miss through love of undue speed
the beauty of the world; that I may with joy and courtesy go on my way.
Lord protect me and lead me safely to my destiny.  Amen.