Feast of the Epiphany_7th January 2024


Sunday 7th January


Officially called “The Epiphany of the Lord,” this feast celebrates the epiphany, manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles, symbolized by Christ’s manifestation to the Magi (wise Men).  The feast originally was more closely connected to Jesus’ baptism, the primary theme of the feast in Eastern Churches to this day. In addition, other manifestations of Christ were often commemorated during Epiphany, including the miracle at Cana. In fact, it has been asserted that the Baptism of the lord, the adoration of the infant Jesus by the Magi and the miracle at Cana all historically occurred on January 6 (see Abbot Gueranger’s works).  Whether this is true is contested, but either way, the Epiphany solemnity is celebrated on January 6, which falls within Christmastide. In some Catholic regions, the feast is translated to a Sunday.

The Eastern Churches often call the holiday Theophany, which means “manifestation of God.” Eastern Christians also refer to the Epiphany as “Holy Lights” because they baptise on this day, and baptism brings about illumination. Traditionally, Epiphany marked the end of the twelve days of Christmas.


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Monday 8th January


Why was Jesus baptised? He was sinless; the bath of repentance could not make Him holy. In Matthew’s Gospel account of the this moment in the life of Christ, the former tax collector records the brief exchange where Jesus tells his cousin John; “Let it be so now for thus it is fitting for us to fulfil all righteousness.” The humanity of the God Man, perfect as it was, still had to be subjected to Baptism in accordance with the Father’s plan, so that Christ “the firstborn of many brethren,” could establish the pattern that His brothers were later to follow. At His Baptism, it was not Jesus who was cleansed, but the waters themselves which were purified by their encounter with spotless Lamb of God. Now, water, a mere physical substance, confers Spirit, grace, light and love – the very life of God Himself – to the souls of those baptised.

At the close of the Christmas Season at the dawn of the third millennium, we are reminded of the power of this great sacrament which immerses us in the life, death and resurrection of the One who was baptised so many centuries ago. The guilt of original sin is washed away. An indelible sacrament character conforms us to Christ.

The Holy Spirit is given as a gift, and abides continually in the soul…and God the Father leads us to embrace our eternal destiny with Him, by the grace conferred upon us by Jesus Christ, whose own baptism we celebrate today.


Grand me O Lord, a steady hand and watchful eye. That no one shall be hurt as I pass by.

You gave me life, I pray no act of mind may take away or mar that gift of Yours.

Shelter those, dear Lord, who keep me company, from the evils of fire and all calamities.

Teach me to use my car for others’ needs; nor miss through love of undue speed the beauty of the world;

that I may with joy and courtesy go on my way. Lord protect me and lead me safely to my destiny.


Prayer for Peace

God of mercy and compassion, of grace and reconciliation, pour Your power upon all Your children in the Middle East: Jews, Muslims and Christians, Palestinians and Israelis.  Let hatred be turned into love, fear to trust, despair to hope, oppression to freedom occupation to liberation, that violent encounters may be replaced by loving embraces, and peace and justice could be experienced by all.

God of all creation, bring justice and peace to our world.  Teach us to be peacemakers. Guide us in our pursuit of justice and the common good.  Inspire us to welcome all, forgive all, and love all.  Direct us as we walk in the shadow of Jesus: the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Inspire us to perceive the world through your eyes, that we might find hope and joy each day, supportive of each other, for the sake of Your Kingdom.